Time for a NEW Great-Tasting Healthy Smoothie?

Today is the day YOU stop suffering with horrible-tasting green juices! Now you can experience a new, delicious healthy juice or refreshing smoothie, each and every day!

Is it true that you can look radiantly heathy and have abundant energy?

It's time to finally find out how you can make your own great-tasting health drinks at home - for next to nothing!

Do you want to eat healthy food - but fast food and snacks taste so much better?

If you're like most healthy people, you know that green juices and smoothies are great for your health - but they taste horrible. Right?

It's true. People say it every day:

"I can't stand green juices"

So I had to solve that problem for my friends around the world who care about themselves and those they love. 

I finally found an easy way to make sure that even someone like you and me could love healthy green drinks.

In "Ultimate Juices and Smoothies for Fun & Health" I share my simple, step-by-step methods and recipes with you.


New to making fresh juices and smoothies? Already making great juices and smoothies?
Cool. There's all the information you could ever want to make you the local smoothie expert, quickly and easily choosing the perfect ingredients to suit your specific nutritional needs and your lifestyle. Great! Now you'll have tons of great hints, tips, shortcuts and money-saving ideas in here to add to your juices and smoothies repertoire.

There are over 100 fresh recipes to try out (as well as a template for making your own custom drinks), so you'll never get bored.

Unbelievably Tasty Juices
and Yummy Smoothies

"Ultimate Juices & Smoothies for Fun and Health" is not just a  regular ebook. 

It's SO much more!

You'll find everything you need to get started - the book will answer all your burning questions such as:

  • Is it an unnecessary luxury or something I need to do and deserve?
  • Do I need to buy new equipment? If so, what?
  • How can I fit juicing and smoothies into my busy lifestyle?

Learn about the most common mistakes people make - and how to avoid them.

Find out why store-bought drinks are NOT the answer.

And of course, there's the all-important step-by-easy-step process of making sure you LOVE green juices and smoothies even if you don't like green leafy vegetables.



You'll also receive an easy-to-print Recipe book with over 100 fresh juice and smoothie recipes, complete with a wonderfully easy way of finding recipes with a specific ingredient (e.g. got rhubarb in your refrigerator? See at a glance how many wonderful drinks you can make with it!).

You find expert tips to make sure you use the best ingredients (while saving money), optimize the health properties of your drinks, improve the taste and flavour - and have fun!

That's enough to get you started - and to keep you engaged if you're already enjoying healthy drinks....


But there's more!

Once you own "Ultimate Juices and Smoothies for Fun and Health", you're also going to receive some pretty wonderful gifts.

Look at this:

Bonus #1

Juice Fasts

The facts - without the hype - about juice fasting.

It's not for everyone.

But if you want to cleanse - this report shows you how to juice fast or detox safely.

Bonus #2

Video Tips

A fresh, engaging video with my best tips for delicious juices and smoothies.

Find out what really works for serving smoothies to friends that taste fabulous.


Bonus #3


Organic food can be expensive - is it worth paying a premium for it?

You don't have to use only organic produce in your drinks - unless you want to, of course!

This report tells you want you need to know so you'll know what to buy that's best for YOU.



Bonus #4


Natural Healing

Easily find the exact juices and smoothies you need for specific ailments.

Natural, safe remedies in the comfort of home.




Bonus #5

Top 10 Foods

A list of 10 foods which really pack a punch - add these specific foods to your juices and smoothies for an extra boost!





Here's exactly What You'll Get Inside "Ultimate Juices and Smoothies for Fun and Health"



You'll find:

  • A complete How-To Guide - everything you ever needed to know about juices and smoothies.
  • A separate, printable recipe book with over 100 fresh and easy recipes.
  • My step-by-step easy guide - you'll be enjoying healthy green drinks in no time!
  • 3 fabulous, fun ways to make juices and smoothies a fun, interactive game to play with kids - they won't even realize they're eating healthy food!
  • If you're a carer, you can help improve the nutrition of elderly people, and help them to enjoy their food more (while making your life a little easier).
  • Advice for athletes and their special nutritional reuirements - how to benefit while still having time (and more energy) to train.
  • And of course, the 5 great bonuses

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! I want "Ultimate Juices and Smoothies for Fun and Health NOW!

I understand I'll get:

  • The How To Guide to make you a local expert
  • The step-by-step way to LOVE green drinks
  • The separate, printable Recipe Book
  • All 4 bonus reports plus the bonus video

All this for a fabulous price of just $27.95




Clare Delaney


P.S. Delicious, easy-to-make juices and smoothies are such a great way of getting the fresh vegetables you need. And now you can get the whole family enjoying them too!

P.P.S. You can enjoy these digital eBooks on your computer, phone, tablet, mini - wherever you are!

Disclaimer: Always consult a medical practicioner before changing your food intake. These are not medical books - they are based on my own experience and are inteneded as a guide only.

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